Updates at The Rockdale Art Farm

Re-posted from our Facebook page:

RAF update, but first…

Meet Alexis! We have a new person to lead our Rockdale Art Farm community outreach efforts centered around our community garden, and engaging and inspiring our community to embrace nature through gardening and art.

Alexis and her husband, Russell, moved here from Texas about a year ago. They have bought a 100 year old home that they are renovating in Milstead, just outside of Conyers. Alexis recently completed the Master Gardener course at the UGA Rockdale County Extension Service.

She has a Masters Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Here’s to a warm welcome to Alexis and Russell!

Second. Some of you are aware of our history. Starting in 2018 we originally wanted to be an artist community work space in the woods. We obtained the needed special use permit, but we and the county were sued to stop by a nearby couple. We were in court until March 2020 when covid hit.

Unsure of the post covid world I decided to partner with AWARE, a not for profit wild animal rehabilitation group and share our property, and become the AWARE Wildlife Center. After nearly 3 years of planning and fundraising AWARE terminated our partnership.

(Holey moley! Am I finding it hard to give back to my community!)

So, again today we find ourselves re-inventing ourselves. Our original general mission was to engage and inspire our community to embrace nature through gardening and art. And there we will return without the wildlife center. We are dedicated to creating a nurturing environment where individuals of all ages can connect with the natural world, foster a love for gardening, and explore their creativity through various artistic mediums.

We will be sharing more about our mission and progress soon.